The biggest question we come across is..."Why should I buy all natural pet food?"
 Here is just one of MANY examples of what a healthy diet can do for your pet.

Meet Monkey!

He was dropped at our store in October of 2013. Monkey came to us very sick and very malnourished. He was about 1 year old and only weighed about 4 pounds! Monkey had scabs and bald spots over 70% of his body. He could barely stand or walk because his legs and paws were black with infection.

With little hope that he would make it, we took Monkey to the vet the following day. It took 2 rounds of antibiotics and steroids to help clear up the multiple infections that he had. The initial diagnosis was an autoimmune disorder and he would require medicine for the rest of his life. Feeling strongly about all natural foods, we opted to try a grain free diet before starting additional medication. Within a month, we saw a significant difference in his skin and coat. The scabs and bald spots were disappearing and his fur was growing back! We feel that his was more a severe food allergy and not an autoimmune disorder.

After several months of keeping a close eye on his diet, we took Monkey home in February of 2014. The picture above is from November 2013, just about a month after he came to us. The picture below is from August 2015. He is now a happy, healthy, medication-free, 11 pound cat, and we attribute it to proper nutrition! :)

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